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Vehicle Graphics & Wrapping Options

When it comes time to sign write your fleet or wanting to wrap your vehicle, there are many options and it can seem daunting or confusing. Where to start?

At Sign Pursuit we design vehicle signage to suit any budget and to help distinguish the differences we have sorted our vehicle options into five categories.


Simple Economy

Starting with our most cost effective and basic option - Simple Economy.

Logo, bullet points, website and/or phone number.

Simple and effective normally using pre-coloured computercut vinyl to achieve an economical and simple graphic for any business. Prices often ranging from $200 for a small car to $600 for a van and options for both standard and premium grade vinyls.


'NZ' Fleet

Next in line is our Common NZ Fleet - you will see alot of vehicles on the road in New Zealand this style!

Strip of colour along the bottom edge the sides and rear. Larger logos and contact details, windows covered

One of the most common vehicle graphic options, still cost-effective but more catching and visually interesting. often with strips of colour or large stripes down the sides, especially along the bottom edge of panels. Using the space and area more effectively to produce a good all round option. Prices for the NZ fleet can range anywhere from $400 for a small car to $1000 for a van.


Partial Wrap

Next up we have - Partial Wrap! the sweet spot for vehicle signage. IMO

Ranging in price from $750 for a small vehicle to $2800 for a van we often find the partial wrap option to be a sweet spot for design, impact and affordability.

With many options available and no limit to the design with digitally printed adhesive vinyl any image, graphic, design, colour or idea can be applied to your vehicle.

A partial wrap will definitely get you attention on the road and stand out.


Full Wrap

The american style - Full Wrap is the top of the food chain when it comes to fleet graphics and business signage.

Wrapped from head to toe. Large sprawling imagery that covers all sides of the vehicle.

Not afraid to turn you fleet into moving billboards. No one will miss this driving down the street, turn heads and get instant brand recognition.

An effective full wrap can be produced on a variety of budgets and when done well (not over-wrapped) the results will speak for themselves without breaking the bank!

With a range of prices depending on the vehicle and the design if your budget allows $3200 for a small passenger car to $5200 for a van you wont be disappointed.


Colour Change

Wanting to change the colour of your car? Colour Change is for you.

A wide range of options are available and no two vehicles are the same.

Depending on the depth of the wrap, hardware removal required and the colour/film chosen average prices can range from $3600 for a small hatchback to $5800 for a van.

Premium grade films and expert attention to detail will produce a clean and mean, cost effective colour change. Far cheaper than a paint job, unique colours and finishes available, minimal additional weight to vehicle and an excellent method of maintaining the paint finish. There are a number of reasons people wrap their cars but often it is to stand out from the crowd, be different and have the versatility and options to upgrade or change the colour easily.


Vehicle graphics, fleet signage or wrapping are among the most cost effective forms of advertising. The number of hits you will gain each day is very effective especially when compared to other common marketing such as google ads or radio advertising. Well designed vehicle signs which will happily last 3-5 years minimum and anywhere from 5-10 years if well looked after are a sound investment for any size business.

Show your customers you mean business and are proud of your brand! The sky is the limit. Talk to our team today and we can discuss the options with you and design to your budget, we look forward to hearing from you.

*Please note all prices are exclusive of gst. Prices are indicative only, quotes provided request.

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