• Luke Stuart

School Project

With the end of the year coming fast and the Christmas break on the horizon we were called in to complete a project that would bring challenges and require a lot of moving parts to execute. Another great project from Southbase Construction the Te Rōhutu Whio school project, in Christchurch's East Rolleston.

The project for us involved window manifestation, decorative window frosting and printed optically clear film. With over 400 meters of film the project was going to require a lot of organisation. We set off with the manifestation strips for code of compliance then followed by a lot of preparation for the next stage.

The window frosting design was to go on the exterior windows around the entire site, with a lot of design, plotting, weeding, app taping, cutting, labelling and packaging required to sort the windows on such a large scale. We decided to go with a bubble-free dry application window frosting with the design pattern cut and application tape applied then finally applied onsite and weeded on the glass.

The next stage was optically clear film double layered print with white ink to achieve the solid doublesided colour pattern. We were very happy with the final finish of the prints bringing some great colour and vibrancy to the site.

Thanks must go out to the team of applicators for the many long days on our knees sorting through packages of print and film. Also to the team behind the scenes many hours spent on the bench prepping and labelling which made our job a lot easier onsite.

Definitely one of our favorite projects to date, very satisfying and a pleasure once again to work with the team onsite.