• Luke Stuart

From Screen to Reality

All of our signage starts off at the design stage. From concept to reality one of the most enjoyable parts of making signage is the creativity and seeing a project through to completion.

One recent example of this we would like to share is the Lead Electrical vehicle.

We started by providing some design options, concepts and mockups.

Once the coverage, layout and budget was fine tuned to the customers liking we started on the production process.

We break apart the file and design into workable elements, this particular vehicle included digitally printed vinyl and computercut vinyl.

Once the file has been sized and split into its output devices the printing an cutting began.

We book the vehicle in for application and make sure we have printed proofs for our reference to ensure all the graphics are lined up and correct with the design.

When the vehicle arrives the the fun begins. We give the vehicle a thorough clean and degrease making sure all the areas where the vinyl will be tucked and trimmed are clean and dry.

The large printed graphics are held in place with magnets then in this particular case we applied half of the graphics at a time creating a horizontal hinge. This way we could work/feed the vinyl into the various recesses found on the 'old' Hiaces.

If we were to stretch into these areas there is a chance the vinyl could fail pulling out or 'tenting' so by feeding the vinyl in there is no stretch or stress.

Once the full area is squeegeed down we tuck and trim around all the edges.

The final step in any good vehicle application is the post heat and edge sealing.

We post heated the vinyl to 95-105 degrees celsius this ensures the 'memory' of the film is changed and that it will not shrink back or pop out of any recesses. Then followed by a clear edge sealing around the lower bottom panel and wheel arches, once again helping to ensure the vinyl doesn't peel back from these areas.

The end result is a very high quality and long lasting finish. We were very happy with the final product and the vehicle was transformed into a marketing machine and moving billboard.

From the computer screen to the road.