• Luke Stuart

Bouncy Castle #2

At it again but this time round a Toyota Van, plus the tall and wide wheelbase for added excitement.

From silver to bright yellow, with a nice splash of blue and red.

We had the pleasure of using the latest and greatest new wrap film from 3M and it definitely made our jobs easier.

Better quality film overall including less need for heat, great stick, user friendly, forgiving and excellent print quality.

We were able to wrap this van head to toe in a couple of days and it was a really fun and straight forward project.

A nice clean and tidy workshop, high attention to detail and experience all come together for the end result. A thorough clean and prep, dis-assembled hardware where required, placement and alignment then the sticking begins.

Once the film is squeegeed, tucked and trimmed we finish with a post heat and edge seal to ensure the longevity of the final product.

Thank you for taking a peek behind the curtain into the process involved in a digitally printed commercial vehicle wrap project such as this.