• Luke Stuart

10 Best Fonts for Signage

We are all most likely familiar with the classic, standard fonts - Helvetica, Arial, Futura, Frutiger, Century Gothic and Verdana to name a short few. All have and will be used in signage design to great effect, visually pleasing, bold and effective. But if your looking for something different or thinking outside the box then we have a list for you!

Every font used in the design of signage should be selected to meet the brief of the project and to portray a particular message. Whether to be bold and stand-out, to create excitement and contrast, or simply to inform and label. The fonts we use should be chosen carefully to enhance the overall design and increase the effectiveness of the intended message.

Today we present our list of the top 10 fonts for signage. The list we have comprised today only includes free to use fonts. Included is a link to download each, simply click the pictures below.

1. Big Noodle

Stylish and modern this capitalized only font stands out and adds a layer of uniqueness and design.


2. Cocogoose

Round and aesthetically pleasing, smooth and simple.


3. Evogria

Bold and effective, this font wont be missed keeping with a modern aesthetic.


4. Gotham

A simple and effective font, not to far from the classics such as Arial, Futura, Helvetica but different enough to add a layer of modernity and style.


5. Hindenburg

Another simple and bold font, try this capital only letters font.


6. Lemon Milk

Sharp and unique, round and square this font will standout and offers alot to the design.


7. Bernadette

A script font with style and sleekness.


8. Marhaban

This compact and natural looking script font, thick and bold for a handwritten style.


9. Radiant

One of our favourite fonts at Sign Pursuit, this thick and smooth stylish script font is radiant!


10. Sunset Clouds

Puffy and friendly this script font never fails to impress.


Dishonourable Mentions

The fonts we here at Sign Pursuit suggest that you avoid for not only signage but all design elements are - Comic Sans, Papyrus, Times New Roman, Kristen ITC, Balloon.

When it comes to font choice the number one rule is choose it for a good reason and don't be afraid to be a little different.